Video Collection Viewer

With the Video Collection Viewer you get a thumbnail overview of your movie collection (and TV series).

It is designed as a Client/Server program, meaning that the Client (Viewer) program can run on a different PC than the Server program.

The Server part can automatically be started after the PC is started, the Server will then collect all information about the files (no DB is used), so that the Viewer can start up as fast as possible.

A navigation panel is present, to enable touch screen support.

Data from TMDb is used, which means you can view additional information about a movie, see bottom of this page for a screenshot. With TMDb you don't have to manually download a cover (thumbnail), you can choose one from TMDb!!


By clicking on the thumbnail the video will start playing in fullscreen mode.

Via the context menu you have a number of options:


Via 'COVER' you can choose whether your own downloaded thumbnail should be used, or the one from TMDb.

Via 'SERIES' you can navigate through the seasons and episodes. Note that when you give episodes a name according to '<Series Name> = S<season number>E<episode number> <Title>.<Extension>', they will be grouped under a single thumbnail and you can use this menu option.

Via 'TMDb' you can view info from TMDb or automatically download info for newly added movies.

Via the 'SORT ON ...' option you can select to sort on Name or Date Added.

The 'SWITCH PROFILE ...' option is intended for TV's with which you can switch to different refresh rates, to match the frame rate of the movie. Available profiles are:
- 24 Hz
- 50 Hz
- 60 Hz

The 'OPEN WITH ...' option can be used to select the media player with which you want to open the video file. Currently supported players are:
- Windows Media Player
- Media Player Classic
- VLC Media Player

Note that Media Player Classic; Home Cinema edition, is the preferred player and for this the main screen contains the 'PC'button, so that you can directly control it.


With the 'DETAILS' options you can view details about the video file:


Via the 'SETTINGS' you can tweak this program:


The 'FREE SPACE' button will show you the available space in each folder (should each folder map to a different physical harddisk)


TMDb Support


When a movie has multiple backgrounds (and covers) you can scroll through them by clicking on the image

Complete list of features:
* Fast browsing through your video collection represented by Thumbnails
* Click on Thumbnail to start video using your favorite media player
* Episodes are grouped together as one thumbnail, via context menu you can select an episode to play.
* Automatic and manual refresh rate selection so that your TV matches the refresh rate of the video; meaning no stuttering!
* Watch TMDb movie info, view summary, cast info, box office result, screenshots and covers.
* Use a TMDb or manual cover as thumbnail
* Sort your files (Date Added, Title or Year released)
* Filter videos on Genre, using genre information retrieved from TMDb.
* View details of a video file; audio tracks, subtitles, ... using Media Info tool.
* Open a video file, which is not part of your collection, with automatic refresh rate selection.
* Check free space of your video folders
* Client/Server, one or more Viewers can be started on different PC's and start a video from there.
* Direct Control over Media Player Classic inside the Viewer; Play/Pause, Stop, Replay, Select Audio / Subtitle track.
* Detects changes to your collection, for example when you add a new file, this file is automatically added and the TMDb info downloaded.
* Automatically add downloaded files (via SABnzbd) to your collection
* Optimized for use with Touch Screen
* Select amount of Thumbnails to display on single page
* Grayscale non-highlighted Thumbnails
* Write your collection to a text file
* Simple and Fast