Garmin Edge 605

This is probably the most usefull gadget I have; Navigation for on my bike.

Just like TomTom you can navigate to a destination, you can download (via USB) a gpx file on a MicroSD card; either from someone else or you create a route by using the MapSource program.

Note that you can let the device calculate a route for you (when you have put a proper map on the device) but still the best way is to use the MapSource program, so that you are in full control of the route.

Also it keeps track of every route you have cycled, so that you can cycle it again (to see whether you can improve the time). You can upload this history to your PC and watch it using the Training Center program.

Mounting it to your bike is very easy, as you can see in the next image.

What impressed me the most is that the color display gets clearer when the sun shines on it, I expected the display to become totally unreadable.

Some annoyances; when you make a route; it is in 1 direction only, so when you want to cycle from point A to B and back, you have to create 2 routes. Also when navigating you will get a lot of popups with instructions to which direction you have to cycle.

The most irritating feature is that sometimes - while cycling - the device decides to recalculate the route, which will only complete when you stop cycling.